Leah Vukmir

Former ALEC chairwoman and tea party state Senator Leah Vukmir has said she’s giving a run for U.S. Senate “prayerful consideration,” and we know what that means. She’s taking her time, shoring up big donors, like her buddies Charles and David Koch and Diane Hendricks, before she jumps into the yacht sale primary.

Vukmir’s love of millionaires and billionaires goes way beyond her deep-pocketed supporters. She’s been giving them all her love since she started in Wisconsin politics 15 years ago. She was caught taking legislative instructions and talking points directly from ALEC leaders and lobbyists on how to oppose affordable healthcare for low income Wisconsinites through the Affordable Care Act [The Chippewa Herald, 4/4/14]. She’s even been called “too extreme on taxes for her fellow Republicans,” and her terrible record doesn’t stop with supporting giveaways for millionaires and billionaires [Shepard Express, 9/29/10]. Vukmir has spent her career in Madison attacking women’s access to all healthcare options, opposing enforcement of equal pay for equal work, same sex marriages and civil unions, and expanding Wisconsin’s voucher system [Associated Press, 6/4/15; Project Vote Smart, SB 20, 4/29/09; Associated Press, 3/5/04; Associated Press, 1/27/05].