Nicole Schneider

Nicole Schneider has bowed out of the bidding in this yacht sale, marking another top-tier candidate too scared to take on Tammy Baldwin.
Schneider is new to politics and conservative values. However, she is a leading contender in the yacht sale thanks to her father in law’s success running Schneider Trucking in Green Bay and the timely public offering of that company that allowed her family to rake in hundreds of millions.
Here is what conservative commentator Mark Belling had to say about Schneider:

One of the candidates apparently pondering trying to buy the seat is Nicole Schneider and for her, where there’s a will there may be a way. The will was the one prepared by Donald Schneider, the billionaire owner of Green Bay’s Schneider National, the giant trucking company. When Schneider died several years ago, he left the company to his children. Nicole Schneider is married to one of them. With the company set to go public in an IPO soon, the Schneider kids are likely to end up with several hundred million dollars. That will buy you a lot of things like a G4, ownership of the stallion who won the Triple Crown in 2015 and have enough money left over for to buy a Senate seat. Schneider might spend $10 million. In the primary. Yowza.

But despite all that money, Schneider isn’t ready for prime time. Despite calling herself a conservative, Schneider’s social media history includes a lot of reposts of people bashing Republicans like President Trump and Governor Walker. The posts were removed but not until after my WISN-AM colleague Vicki McKenna found them. Schneider is apparently already hiring a campaign staff but nobody on it was ready for this.

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