Kevin Nicholson

Former (current?) Democrat Kevin Nicholson has already convinced Illinois based, GOP megadonor Dick Uilhein to bankroll a Super PAC to support his campaign. Uilhein has already invested $2 million into the effort, with some of that being used to run false attack ads against Tammy Baldwin.
Attempting to buy Senate and House seats is nothing new for Uilhein. He has spent millions bankrolling tea-party candidates across the country. Here is one conservative take on Nicholson:
“Nicholson wasn’t just any Democrat. He chaired the national college Democrat organization and served on the executive board of the Democratic National Committee but wrote an article in the Weekly Standard describing his transformation. He said he could have remained in denial like other liberals of the bankruptcy of their ideology but life experience and an open mind led him to conservatism. Voilà — a few months later he’s a Republican running for the U.S. Senate.
Maybe Nicholson is the real deal, or maybe he’s a chameleon who changes ideology depending on which billionaire puppeteer is is pulling his strings”

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