GOP Yacht Sale Bidding Heats Up, Gets Nasty

Long before the GOP Senate primary votes are tallied at least three contenders are lying and attacking to show the big donors, millionaires, billionaires and Washington that they’ll best serve the D.C. establishment.

Former College Democrats of America chair and political opportunist Kevin Nicholson, while not yet announcing his candidacy, is polling the people of Wisconsin. An article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel details the poll, which included two descriptions of the GOP Senate contender with a glaring difference: did he vote in the 2008 democratic primary in North Carolina or did he vote no preference? The same candidate profile is described with that subtle difference. While some of his potential opponents are not pure in their Republican support, Nicholson is clearly attempting to learn if admitting he voted for then-Senator Barack Obama or then-Senator Hillary Clinton or maintaining his ‘no preference’ lie goes over better with Republican primary voters.

Speaking of Nicholson, when asked if his team prepared an anonymous six-page attack on Nicole Schneider’s social media history his spokesperson said, “The tweets and Facebook posts in question were widely shared in conservative circles. That’s politics and doesn’t bother me at all as long as what is shared is accurate and publicly available.”

To quote the Journal-Sentinel article, “Not exactly a denial.”

Meanwhile, state Senator Leah Vukmir, or DC Leah as her friends call her, has taken to attacking her colleagues rather than focusing on working together to get things done.

When asked about the Joint Finance Committee’s schedule on Mark Belling’s radio show, Senator Leah Vukmir lashed out at Assembly Republicans, including GOP Senate hopeful Rep. Dale Kooyenga, for traveling the state talking about their education plan rather than focusing on the state budget. Leah didn’t hold much back, sneering, “earlier this week the Assembly decided that they were going to go off and take their education plan around the state. It’s a plan that we in the Senate did not agree to. We feel it’s way off the mark. So rather than go off and travel the state, we have decided to stay in Madison and continue to do our work.”

Nicholson, Vukmir and Kooyenga can continue to lie and snipe at each other now, it only means the people of Wisconsin will know who they really are before they even make their doomed candidacies official.