Vukmir Announces Pro-Billionaire, Anti-Wisconsin Run

Before Leah Vukmir told the people of Wisconsin that she was running for the GOP Senate nomination, she told her real constituency — influential conservative billionaires. The former ALEC chairwoman and current Tea Party State Senator lined up her campaign finance committee co-chairs: billionaires Diane Hendricks and Mary Kohler, but neglected to tell voters that she was running until months afterwards.

And it’s not surprising that Vukmir has billionaires lining up to support her. She has a long record of extreme positions that showered the wealthy with tax breaks and giveaways for years. She’s sold the rest of Wisconsin out in the process: slashing healthcare, opposing equal pay for equal work, decimating funding for public education, siding with predatory payday lenders, and introducing countless bills authored by a Koch brothers-funded, out-of-state think tank.

Even Leah’s Republican colleagues in Madison see her as so far out of the mainstream that she’s unelectable. Calling her, “too extreme” and an “absolute dud.” [Shepard Express, 9/29/10, Milwaukee Mag 10/26/10]. Vukmir has spent her career in Madison attacking women’s access to all healthcare options, opposing enforcement of equal pay for equal work, same sex marriages and civil unions, and expanding Wisconsin’s voucher system. [Associated Press, 6/4/15; Project Vote Smart, SB 20, 4/29/09; Associated Press, 3/5/04; Associated Press, 1/27/05].

Leah Vukmir is just too extreme for Wisconsin.