Leah Vukmir

Leah Vukmir has announced her pro-Wall Street, anti-Wisconsin Tea Party run for U.S. Senate. But before telling the people of Wisconsin that she was running for the GOP Senate nomination, she told her real constituency — influential conservative billionaires. The former ALEC chairwoman and current Tea Party State Senator lined up her campaign finance committee…

Kevin Nicholson

Although former (current?) Democrat Kevin Nicholson hasn’t even announced his candidacy for Senate, he has already convinced Illinois based, GOP megadonor Dick Uilhein to bankroll a Super PAC to support his campaign. Uilhein has already invest $2 million into the effort, with some of that being used to run false attack ads against Tammy Baldwin.

Eric Hovde

Recent DC resident, and hedge fund manager Eric Hovde is no stranger to buying a Senate seat. In 2012, Hovde spent more than $5 million of his own money to come in second place in the Republican Senate primary. Hovde has made millions off of banks who have foreclosed on homeowners across the country. Hovde has owned banks and homes across the country and has lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous, even while most hard working Americans were struggling during the great recession.

Nicole Schneider

Schneider is new to politics and the Republican Party, however, she is a leading contender in the yacht sale, due to her father in law’s success running Schneider Trucking in Green Bay.